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  1. One member may book only one tee-off time for each day.
  2. Reservations can only be made on the times stipulated in the time sheets
  3. Booking of play may be made by fax, however, precedence shall be given to on-line reservations. Booking by phone will not be entertained.
  4. Starting time may be forfeited unless the member making the reservation records his membership / account number.
  5. Players are requested to take note of their starting time and must be punctual off the tees. Those arriving late may lose their booked time.
  6. A flight must have at least three players registered.
  7. The aggregate of the handicaps in a flight should not exceed 80.
  8. Members wishing to cancel a booked time must inform the office by 12.00 noon of the day preceding it. For public holidays cancellations, it must be made two days before the public holiday.
  9. Subsequent alterations to the names of the registered players may be made but a minimum of two names must remain.
  10. Stoppage time between Nines: maximum 7 minutes.

Note: Penalty for breach of Terms and Conditions the person who made the registration will have to pay the penalty of RM10 and may be subsequently denied from booking of tee-off times for two weeks.
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