Course Open : Daily 0700 - 1900 hr
Mon - Fri RM84.00* RM105.00*
Sat - Sun & Public Holidays RM168.00* RM210.00*
Mon - Sun & Public Holidays (after 4.30pm) - RM52.50*
A member may introduce 3 guests and he/she must play with the guests (in the same flight)
Caddy Fees :- 9 holes - RM 20.00 18 holes - RM 40.00
On Weekends & Public Holidays we have a time sheet in operation. Reservations of tee-off time can be made one week in advance through our online website at www.johorgolfandcountryclub.com or Office Fax:07-2240729 OR email at rjcc@tm.net.my OR enquiry@johorgolfandcountryclub.com
On competition days the course is closed. Please ring the office to find out if the course is free.
Course Booking: Bookings permitted for Weekdays. No course booking is normally allowed on Saturdays, Sunday mornings and Public Holidays

Booking Rates : Below 20 players - RM210.00 * 61-80 players - RM840.00 *
  21-40 players - RM420.00 * Above 80 players - RM1.,050.00 *
  41-60 players - RM630.00 *  

Attire on the Golf Course:
  1. Shorts allowed.
  2. Turtle neck T-shirt allowed.
  3. Skirts allowed for ladies.
  4. No round neck T-shirt.
  5. No corduroy.
  6. No jeans/jogging/gym/floral pants allowed.
  7. No handyman's pants (pants with several pockets).
  8. Pants with elastic/string waist band are not allowed.

Smoking is not allowed on the course except at Halfway Houses and rain shelters.

Tee-Off Times For P.C. Holders
(For Club members only) Mon Only
Tues - Fri
:AM Only OR After 5.30pm
:Not allowed whole day except after 5.30pm
:Permitted tee-off between 11.00am and 11.30am (9 holes only) and after 5.30pm

  1. PC. holders (for club members only) are not allowed on Competition Days and Public Holidays.
  2. There can be only a maximum of 2 P.C. holders in any one flight.
  3. They must be accompanied by a handicapped player who has held his golf handicap for not less than 2 years.
  4. P.C. holders must carry their Proficiency Certificate while playing.

Siren SIgnal:
  • 1.Stop play immediately & clear the course
  • 2. Discontinue of Play
  • 3. Resume Play
  • 4. Course closes permanently
  • - One long blast of siren for 45s
    - Three (3) consecutive sirens of 10 seconds each
    -Two (2) short blasts of sirens
    - Two (2) long blasts of sirens

    *inclusive of Government Service tax
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